Intelligent Markets, Inc., designs, develops, markets, installs, and maintains the unique ALTA software platform. This turnkey system provides sell-side convertible bond trading desks with the comprehensive and highly reliable support they need to manage the special regulatory requirements of handling convertible bond transactions and record-keeping.

ALTA systems have a decade-long record of reliable service to major convertibles market participants. In operation, the ALTA system delivers:

  • selective publishing of dealing prices and inventory,
  • integrated client inquiry and order management,
  • complex compliance requirements,
  • predictive historical data regarding client interest,
  • counterparty searching tools,
  • electronic connectivity via FIX for customer orders,
  • improved sales/trading productivity, and
  • reduced settlement costs.

In addition to satisfying these client/sales/trading workflows, the ALTA system fully complies with all existing regulations pertaining to workflow documentation and trading protocols. Intelligent Markets is also believed to be the only company whose systems handle “contingent” orders — multiple orders that must be executed collectively rather than separately.